Our ESG Philosophy

Stoneweg recognises the Real Estate activities as having an impact on the environment and people, while playing a central role in a prosperous society.

We believe that taking Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into account is essential for the creation of sustainable value for the company, our investors and our communities.

Stoneweg Group’s general ESG and Responsible Investment Policy


Improves Value

Stoneweg's ESG strategy

Stoneweg’s approach to sustainability focuses on three areas:

We have identified these as our priorities through analysing recognised ESG and sustainability frameworks such as SASB, benchmarks such as GRESB and rating agencies such as MSCI; reviewing global trends in the ESG sector; benchmarking ourselves within our sector; and engaging with internal perspectives.

This considered approach, undertaken with third party guidance, led to us identifying these three areas as those having the greatest overlap between what matters to our stakeholders, and the foundational tenets of our business.

These three pillars are our sustainability priority areas against which we will focus our ESG efforts.


UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Stoneweg has set its objectives and commitments based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We have identified 8 goals, among the 17 SDGs, on which our activities can have a real impact and on which we aim to focus our efforts.


Stoneweg’s selected UN SDGs

3. Good Health and Well Being

Focus on employees, communities and tenant’s wellbeing.


5. Gender Equality

Stoneweg is committed in improving women representation at all levels of the organisation. Granting all employees equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities.


7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Maximize use of clean and renewable energy in buildings and achieve high levels of energy efficiency.


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Invest in new technologies and sustainable buildings with innovative floorspace utilisation concepts and offerings.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Use existing properties more intensively and take a participative approach to new projects and large site transformations which incorporates their utilisation by local communities.


12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Define and monitor sustainability criteria for the entire product life cycle from construction to demolition.


13. Climate Action

Reduce resource consumption and implement measures to protect against climate-related risks and dangers.


16. Peace, Justice and Strong Insitutions

Ensure transparency and accountability through effective governance.



Stoneweg Group’s ESG Policy

As part of our commitment to ESG we are adopting Group level policies to cover ESG topics which we have identified as material to the business.

Read our Group’s general ESG and Responsible Investment Policy