Our Product is

The opportunity

Our Product is the Opportunity

Stoneweg is a real estate investment company established in 2015 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The company identifies real estate opportunities, structures investment products and manages dedicated mandates in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Andorra and the USA. The investment philosophy is driven by a dynamic bottom-up approach to project selection, leveraging on our local investment teams and deep networks in order to seize the best opportunities. Stoneweg co-invest in each project, creating full alignment with investors’ interests. Learn more about our Real Estate Investment Strategies.

Many Strategies

One philosophy

Company Background

Since the launch of the company in 2015, as at 30 June 2022, Stoneweg had deployed total investment of € 5 billion across various sector and country specific strategies. In that time Stoneweg established offices in Geneva, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Saint-Petersburg (Florida), Dallas, London, Dublin and Andorra.