Our Services

The breadth and depth of our service offering is informed by the Stoneweg Partners exposure to real estate, as well as real estate backed, investment opportunities and the needs they have in managing and structuring their own invested assets. This includes establishing clear portfolio strategies based on market and operational requirements, investment structuring, including the sourcing, securing, managing and disposing of assets through the investment lifecycle   

Advisory Services for Private Portfolios

A breadth of restructuring services, including at asset, portfolio and management Level.

  • Portfolio and Asset Management Initiatives
  • Definition and Structuring of Portfolio Strategies
  • Management of the full Construction and Asset Life-cycle
  • Wide Network of Strong Local Partners

Project Sourcing, Asset Management and Disposal

Investments made in countries where Stoneweg has a dedicated presence with deep local networks.

  • Negotiating Capabilities Across Asset Classes and Jurisdictions
  • Sourcing, Securing Investment Projects and Asset Life-Cycle Management
  • Flexible Project Structuring, to include Partnering with Institutions and Banks
  • Dedicated Investment Committees with Industry Leaders as Members

Tailor-made Real Estate Strategies

A dynamic bottom-up approach to project selection, with strategies informed by macro-trends.

  • Value-add, Income Generating Assets
  • Developments in Key Urban Centers
  • Assets in Distressed Situations / NPLs
  • Bridge Financing backed by Real Assets
  • RealTech Commercial Income Properties

Investment Structuring

Investor interests are at the core of our approach. That means creating a dynamic environment for structuring investments, depending on the style, form and capacity of the investor.

We manage large club deals, partner with banks to dispose of their assets in distressed situations, structure individual deals, as well as portfolio mandates.

As an investor you have the capacity to subscribe into a closed-ended pooled funds, become an equity owner of open-ended investment companies, or have your own dedicated mandate for individual strategy, country, or project specific investment approaches.

  • Property, Strategy and Country Specific Approaches
  • Club Deals, Discretionary Accounts and Pooled Funds
  • Setup and Management of Real Estate Investment Companies
  • Customized and Niche Solutions

Stoneweg Partners invest in each project, creating alignment with investor interests.