About Stoneweg

Real Estate Investment Outside the Box

Established in 2015, Stoneweg is a Geneva headquartered real estate investment company structuring investment mandates as well as providing advisory services for portfolio optimization for both direct and indirect real estate investments.

With a dynamic bottom-up approach to project selection, Stoneweg constantly screens large numbers of assets, selecting only those with the strongest fundamentals. We strive to identify how markets are evolving, as well as the trends which shape the future of local real estate investments. By identifying these trends, Stoneweg seeks first mover advantage, creating long-term value for our investors.

Our in-depth analysis goes much further than the figures related to the asset itself.

This holistic approach to analysis forms the basis for our investment structuring and real estate strategies.

The Partners of Stoneweg are composed of seasoned professionals who are first and foremost investors. They co-invest in every Stoneweg project, product and strategy.

Thanks to their background, Stoneweg has a solid financial approach to real estate investment.

The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has offices in Spain, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Andorra and Italy.

Stoneweg's DNA


Envisaging tomorrow’s real estate demand drivers by taking into consideration multiple factors to include financial, economic, structural, social or cultural shifts is key to detecting and exploiting real estate market trends. Imagination, embedded in solid investment experience, is central to our ability to deploy capital and create investment success stories.
We continually develop new approaches to real estate investments, detecting opportunities in the market where we can build and launch new strategies to the benefit of our investors.



Investor interests are at the core of what we do. Our ability to customize and tailor investment structuring solutions results in flexibility as to how we work with investors.

Our expertise includes Club Deals, Pooled Funds, Discretionary Mandates, as well as the set-up and management of specialized investment companies.

We also partner with large institutional investors, hedge funds and banks to manage investment mandates across our strategies.



Stoneweg is a young firm, with a long track-record.

Our Partners have worked closely together, for over a decade, having established the real estate department of a renowned Swiss bank and as the former managers of a major international real estate investment company.

Together, our Partners launched the first Swiss Real Estate SICAV (ERRES).

Many Strategies

One philosophy

Our Edge

Alignment of Interests

Our Partners are invested in each project undertaken by the company.

Every investment undergoes a systematic analysis through our investment process before being submitted for formal approval to the individual strategy-based investment committees.

Investment committee comprise Stoneweg Partners, Senior Advisors and Investor representatives.


Dynamic, Bottom-up Approach

Investment opportunities are sourced through our deep local networks, with a focus on off-market opportunities.

Our local teams are responsible for managing the entire investment life-cycle of each project from acquisition, through active asset management and subsequent disposal.


First Mover Advantage

Key to our approach for implementing investment strategies and sourcing opportunities is detecting, and moving early, within real estate market cycle.

Paramount to our success is the ability to deploy capital quickly, becoming a trusted investor within our local networks.