Varia US Properties publishes strong results for Q1 2017

Varia US Properties generated strong operating results for the first quarter 2017. The net cash flow Q1 yield stood at 11.2%, up from 8.4% in Q4 2016. The distribution yield at property level increased to 9.5% (Q1’17) from 8.7% (Q4’16). Effective gross income (EGI) reached USD 12.7 million, a USD 2.3 million increase from Q4 2016. This was the combination of the fast rental growth, the stability in vacancy and new acquisitions. Total operating expenses as percentage of EGI dropped from 50% in Q4 2016 to 44.6% in Q1 2017, which in turn increased the net operating income from USD 5.2 million in Q4 2016 to USD 7.0 million in Q1 2017. As a result, the total net cash flow stood at USD 3.4 million, an increase of 79% from Q4 2016. Gross potential rate improved by nearly 20% to USD 12.5 million.