Varia US Properties listed on SIX Swiss Exchange

Varia US Properties AG, a real estate company whose asset manager is Stoneweg, listed today its share on SIX Swiss Exchange following its initial public offering (“IPO”).

Domiciled in Zug, Switzerland, Varia US Properties invests exclusively investing in U.S. multifamily housing with a main focus on secondary and tertiary markets.

Overall, a total of 3,097,074 offered shares have been issued at the offer price of CHF 35. Assuming the over-allotment option of up to 464,562 shares will be exercised in full, the Company shall issue a total of 3,561,636 new registered shares, corresponding to an issuance and placement volume of CHF 124.7 million and implying a market capitalization for Varia US Properties of CHF 233.1 million.